Before putting on your wig, simply tie your own hair into a low ponytail. Next, twist your hair up and pin to your head. Once this has been done, pop on your wig cap ensuring your own hair is tucked underneath. You are then ready to put your wig on over the top. 



The majority of the wigs can be styled (curled, straightened etc.) with electrical appliances, as long as the maximum temperature of 180 deg Celcius is not exceeded. It will be stated on each listing whether a wig can be heat styled or not. Please note that this is done at the customers own risk and returns cannot be accepted should any damage occur when styling. We recommend trying on an inconspicuous area first. 



To wash your wig, simply dip it in a bowl of cool water and ‘swish’ the wig from side to side. A small amount of wig shampoo or fabric conditioner can be added to the water if preferred. Once the wig has been washed, simply hang it to dry naturally.



It is advised to store your wig in the plastic storage bag it comes in. It is not recommended to store your wig on a mannequin head as this can stretch the wig if stored like this for a considerable amount of time. Wig stands are a good alternative.



All wigs modelled are the same wig as the one pictured on the mannequin. The true colour of the wig will be clearer in the mannequin photo as editing is used in the professional photos you will see on the site. All photographs are credited and must not be copied or used elsewhere without the express permission of each person involved (including Emerald Wigs Emporium).

IMPORTANT Notice! 21 December 2017.

Due to serious illness in the family (My husband), I have had to shut down Emerald Wigs Ltd. All sales are ceased as of 21.12.17. The company has applied to be de-registered and for Voluntary Strike Off from the National Companies Unit, Revenue, CRO etc. I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful customers at Conventions, on the website and everywhere else. You have made these last 2 years so much fun. I apologize to any of you who have come to depend on Emerald Wigs for your wigs, but as I am now a full time carer for my husband, I can't continue working on this as well. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks for everything.